You must be living, working or attending school within our Common Bond area in order to become a member and join New Ross Credit Union Ltd.

Items required when opening an member account with New Ross Credit Union (aged 16 or over)

1. Photographic Identification

One of the following must be provided:

  • Current Valid Passport
  • Current Valid Driving Licence
  • Current Age Card/National Identity Card
  • ML 10 Form

2. Evidence of current residential address

One of the following must be provided:

  • Household utility bill, e.g. ESB, Eircom, Mobile Phone bill
  • Bank or Building society statement
  • Social Welfare correspondence
  • Official documentation issued by Department of Protection or Revenue Commissioners

All of the above should have been issued within the last six months

3. PPS Number

Official proof of PPSN must be provided – This can be obtained from a drugs payment scheme card,medical card,pay slip,correspondence from Revenue/Social Welfare or any other reputable official source. (Public Services Card NOT acceptable)

Clubs and Societies that wish to join New Ross Credit Union Ltd will require 3 people to act as signatories on the account.  For each person we will require all of the above documentation. All 3 must present to the Credit Union together to open the account.

For Minor Accounts the following documentation is required: (Under 16)

Official proof of guardianship is required – if you are providing the child’s passport please note that the surname on the passport must match your surname on the address verification document and ID.  If they do not match please provide us with the child’s birth cert/legal guardian document.


  • Valid ID: Birth cert or passport ** (please refer to proof of guardianship above)
  • Proof of Child’s PPSN: Printed on official documentation (letter from Department of Social Protection, EU health insurance card, medical card)


  • Photo ID: Driving Licence, Passport (must be current and not expired), national ID card which contains photo & date of birth, ML10 form dated within the last 6 months ** (please refer to proof of guardianship above)
  • Proof of address: Bank statement, utility bill, correspondence issued by a government department (revenue, department of social protection, local authority) dated within the last 6 months

To activate the account a minimum lodgement of €6 must be made to the account on the day of opening

***Please note: Public Service card is not acceptable as photo ID or proof of PPSN ***

*** Please note that photocopies of the above documents are not acceptable ***

Please allow a minimum of 20 minutes when opening an account


Download new member forms below:

Single Member Application Form

Under 16 Member Application Form

Joint Account Membership Form

Group/Club Account Membership Form

*** Please do not sign your name on the membership forms as they need to be witnessed by a New Ross Credit Union staff member in our office ***

***Please note that we are no longer able to facilitate the opening of new accounts between 12pm and 3pm ***


*New Ross Credit Union only pay Death Benefit Insurance on receipt of (a) The members Death Certificate and (b) Original Funeral Invoice. The insurance is paid to the person who paid the funeral bill and who has been invoiced accordingly.

Note: Terms and Conditions Apply.