Who can join New Ross Credit Union

Anyone who resides or is employed in the New Ross Credit Union common bond is eligible to join. (A common bond is a defined area around the communities of New Ross, Bunclody and Ramsgrange).

What is a “Common Bond”?

This is what unites all members of a credit union. The Common Bond defines the geographic area in which we can operate as a community credit union. Any person and their family members who are living or working in the area are eligible for membership.

What documentation do I need to open an account?

Please follow the below link;

Items required when opening an member account

Can children join?

Yes, New Ross Credit Union encourages savings among young members. We currently run a School Savings Club with participating Primary schools inside our common bond.

How is a Credit Union different to a bank?

Banks have a different structure, ownership and purpose to Credit Unions. The primary motive of a bank is to make profits for its shareholders. At a Credit Union, there are no external shareholders influencing the course of their activities.

Credit Unions put people before profit. Any earnings in excess of operational costs made by a Credit Union are returned to the members in the form of a dividend or interest rebate on loans. Credit Unions also give members a sense of belonging and protects them from financially over-extending themselves, takes appropriate steps to ensure members have the capacity to repay loans and minimise members’ exposure to risk and act with prudence and in the long-term interest of members.