Anyone can be the target of financial fraud and scams, and at any time. Your best defence is to stay informed, alert, and secure.

There are many different types of Frauds & Scams to be aware of:

  • Email Fraud
  • Phone Fraud
  • Card & Cheque Fraud
  • Online Fraud
  • Advertising Scams
  • Counterfeit Notes

FraudSMART warns consumers to be on high alert to Covid-19 scams as latest figures show card fraud reached €12m.

Key Advice from FraudSmart:

  • Beware of emails, online requests, and online advertisements offering Covid-19 related tests and products purporting to be vaccines or cures.
  • Always independently check websites or dial the phone number of the company using their website.
  • Beware of unsolicited emails asking for personal details or asking you to click on a link. Do not engage – again pick up the phone or independently check the website of the company sending the email.
  • Never share or give away your credentials. You will never be asked for your credentials by your bank whether related to a payment or refunds.
  • Utility companies, Government Departments and Revenue will never ask you to reveal personal details over an email or text.
  • Do not make donations to charities without first checking authenticity.
  • Always double check with another person before transferring any money or buying any product
  • Check your bank account often for suspicious activity

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